Foot Fetish Survey

Foot Fetish Survey is now up and awaiting the input of discriminating foot lovers like YOU! Do you have a foot fetish or just love sexy feet? Do you appreciate natural or painted toes, deep arches and wrinkly soles? Ever wanted to know why or how your foot fetish manifests itself through bare feet, shoes or tights? Not sure why you love the scent of smelly feet, shoes or socks? Well, you’re not alone. Millions of both men and women alike love pretty feet! And just like you they’d like to know why they have a foot fetish or possibly where it came from. So, we launched the foot fetish survey to see what we can learn about people like you who love feet!

Hard questions asked by real foot lovers just like you!

Ever wondered how many people have foot fetishes? Right now, it’s hard to say exactly how common foot fetishes are. According to Psychology Today, they’re among the most common sexual fetishes. A recent foot fetish survey for the book, Tell Me What You Want found that 14% of participants reported having had a sexual fantasy in which feet or toes were prominent. Truth is, the number who have a true fetish for feet, in the sense of being primarily or only attracted to feet, is likely much smaller than that. But how many actually have a true fetish for feet? With your help, maybe we can get closer to finding out just how many of us there actually are with YOUR participation this foot fetish survey!

Why take our Foot Fetish Survey? Because the questions were created by foot lovers like you and long time members of the foot fetish community. In short, this isn’t just some random Foot Fetish Quiz, its a survey designed to put some of the most accepted theories about foot fetish formation to the test. We ask hard questions like whether or not you have someone in your own family besides you that’s also into feet. What does it all mean? We don’t know, but we hope you’ll help us in our quest to find some answers!

So, we created this foot fetish survey in hopes of unlocking some of the answers about why people like feet and have foot fetishes. The best part is the survey is quick, easy and anonymous and the questions are straight forward. So, please take a moment and help us learn more about foot lovers like you!

Our goal is to receive a minimum of 5,000 responses, after which time the results will start to be released on our Foot Fetish subreddit community, Foot Fetish Talk Advice & News.

Do you wonder why you have a foot fetish?